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A Lunar Eclipse mid-week means you should expect interesting events associated with friendships. A Lunar Eclipse may bring changes at work. New management may replace the old, or key people may be substituted for others due to the pressures of the current situation. You too many change your career goals. If you are attending a job interview or starting a new job, expect the unexpected. You are being encouraged to see a wider viewpoint. The Lunar Eclipse takes place in your Ninth House in Aquarius and encourages you to let go of outdated beliefs. This may not be as easy as it might seem.

Some of your ideas and so firmly embedded in your consciousness they have almost set like concrete. It could take a lot to get you to shift your allegiance elsewhere. It will become impossible to avoid those major issues. Open your mind to new influences and be willing to change.

Pay attention to both, as they may have some important messages for you. The start of the week may be quite intense as Mercury moves to trine Pluto in Capricorn. This may coincide with a period of research and indepth conversation.

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You can use your very powerful focus generated at this time to resolve any outstanding issues. You get a chance to retry an opportunity that you thought you had lost. On Wednesday, the Lunar Eclipse encourages you to ring in changes where your current relationship is concerned. It is a good time to let go and to forget and forgive issues that may be causing you problems. You may find that by doing so, even those longstanding issues seem to miraculously melt away, leaving you feeling freer and happier than before.

Meetings will be intense and conversations quite life changing.

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If you can engage in heart-to-heart discussions on those issues that are causing you the most trouble, you could bring about a miracle. The Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday may have an effect on your work and health. Issues associated with both may come to the surface, encouraging you to reevaluate your current situation. The end of the week is good for networking. Pay particular attention as you go about your daily routines. Be prepared for a revelation.

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You may discover some interesting information about how your ancestral history and certain issues that have been causing you problems for some time. You may also rethink the way to heal this, too. The end of the week is good for attending events associated with your career. They will boost your professional status. You are in the mood to travel and explore new cultures!

Intense discussions may bring you a chance to unravel a problem that may have seemed impossible to solve. The Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday takes place in your home zone. Issues associated with your property and family may come to a head. You may also decide to sell your home, and perhaps to buy a new place somewhere exotic. Or, you may have to relocate due to your current job.

Your love life shows promise if you can put in more effort.

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Something you are passionate about may be offered to you on a plate. You may also be involved in intense discussions about a new business move. This will need percent commitment to bring it to fruition.

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Mars is stirring things up and encouraging you to clear the air. There may be a few arguments with your partner, but there are also plenty of opportunities to kiss and makeup. On Friday an offer of a lucrative deal may be presented to you. There is a Lunar Eclipse in your sign on Wednesday, bringing a lot of emotion to the surface. Once you have let it go, you are free to do whatever seems most helpful and appropriate in the circumstances. This Eclipse may also push you to make a few changes sooner than you might have. The end of the week is a good time to talk about money and think about how you can create new streams of income.

You may be getting tired of seeing zero results from one particular spiritual discipline you are following. This is the time to switch tracks and seek something more suitable that brings you the peace and inner fulfillment you desire. The Lunar Eclipse may bring powerful dreams your way, some of which may be chaotic, and others that may be packed with guidance and profound information. Pay attention! At home you are busy rearranging your place, throwing out clutter, and getting everything ship-shape.

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