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This chart repeats topics of earlier ones, like the Sun in Capricorn in the chart with Neptune in the first house. There are many other charts for foundational moments for England, and these add layers of meaning, that could be added if the article was longer. The astrology of nations. Empire of ships Neptune, the planet that rules the ocean is placed in the second house of resources in the chart.

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Join the conversation. Prime Minister Theresa May, elected by the ruling Conservative Party in the wake of the referendum, has promised a bill to repeal the European Communities Act and to incorporate existing EU laws into UK domestic law. As noted previously — when I predicted Brexit in the summer of — progressed Jupiter was conjunct the ascendant on the chart; the sun one degree from the Midheaven.

This portended a sense of general optimism and self confidence whilst on the progressed chart the sun, Mercury and Jupiter are all close to the IC, with — significantly — the moon exactly on the ascendant. This suggests the desire to cling to the past, an emotional connection to the good old days. This for Britain meant its old — largely isolated — self.

Transits to the chart also suggest stubborn retrenchment and stasis — on June 23rd, transiting Jupiter was conjunct natal Saturn a stalemate, a clash between expansion and contraction and transiting Pluto was conjunct natal Mercury collective ideas infused with passion; or very strong and fixed opinions. It was as if Britain had no interest in such a thing. This is just what Aquarius symbolises — humanity, brotherhood and equal rights for all.

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This is enhanced with moon in Libra — whose ethos is justice and fairness. Mars in Aries also occupies the 11th house — again, to do with community and equal rights, which we could even interpret as a kind of aggressive trade unionism, of which Labour has seen plenty in its year-plus history!

This is the planet of humanity as opposed to mere human rights Universal sympathy, charity, and the collective urge towards a kind of Utopian ideal, in this case at least originally : socialism. At this time were two concurrent transits: Jupiter 4 making a helpful trine to Uranus 7 ; and Mars 4 opposing the sun The former provided the go-ahead for progress and the prevailing liberal, left-wing agenda Jupiter for openness and growth; Uranus for change.

The latter provided the seeds of division and conflict! Any medieval astrologer would have seen all kinds of unfortunate omens here, before he did a sharp intake of breath.

To begin any project with war-like Mars in opposition to the sun, the most important planet in the cosmos, would be seen as a reckless undertaking. For the modern astrologer it certainly indicates plenty of disagreement ahead. These disagreements over policy in general came to a head the following summer, when the knives were out for Corbyn, with votes of no confidence and his leadership seriously challenged in July.

That month on the 24th transiting Jupiter was square natal Pluto — all too apt for power conflicts: others clearly thought Corbyn somewhat too big for his boots and were seeking to bring him down which is precisely what happens with harsh Pluto aspects.

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The actual election took place in September, however and Corbyn was re-elected as Labour leader on the 24th. The other aspect, war-like Mars conjunct the descendant relationships , signified the divisiveness that we continue to see in the present day. Sun and Moon on angles while uranus in 12 th aspecting extreme poverty and wealth as ones own undoing..

I did some work on the Union chart a quite while ago. The conclusion I came to was that it is the birth chart of the UK Government.

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The various diplomatic arguments with Russia in recent years are good reference points. If you do a Synastry chart comparison using the Union date and the Russia birth chart, and the timing of the diplomatic troubles, then it becomes obvious. Hi Charles — good to hear from you.

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On the Union chart synastry with Russia, which Russian chart do you mean specifically? In the UK, one can also obtain good results with the charts for the formations of political parties, which show just how the country is run! However I have reworked the Coronation time to approx based on various historical articles I came across over the years. There is insufficient data as yet to confirm but the date does not seem to predict the stockmarket movements any more. The referendum date seems more precise as a predictor of market movements. The national psyche also appear to have changed since.

Hello Charles — many thanks for this. I will calculate the chart for And I agree with you on the issue of the national psyche, as you put it. Let me know your thoughts on the Union chart — this may have more relevance to Brexit. This comprehensive and easy-to-read report includes a detailed introduction to the concepts of modern astrology, meaning it can easily be understood by someone with absolutely no knowledge of astrology!

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