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Other educators helped him to stay focused when outside influences pulled him off course. Despite his academic successes, Carson had a raging temper that translated into violent behavior as a child. In his autobiography, he stated that he once tried to hit his mother with a hammer because she disagreed with his choice of clothes. His mother had in fact said in a Detroit Free Press article that she was the one wielding the hammer, with her other son Curtis intervening in the argument.

At another time, he claimed to have inflicted a head injury on a classmate in a dispute at his locker. In a final incident, Ben said he nearly stabbed a friend after arguing over a choice of radio stations. According to Carson, the only thing that prevented a tragic event was the knife blade allegedly broke on the friend's belt buckle. Not knowing the extent of his friend's injury, Carson ran home and locked himself in the bathroom with a Bible. Terrified by his own actions, he started praying, asking God to help him find a way to deal with his temper, finding salvation in the Book of Proverbs.

Carson began to realize that much of his anger stemmed from constantly putting himself in the center of events happening around him. Carson graduated with honors from Southwestern, having also become a senior commander in the school's ROTC program. He earned a full scholarship to Yale, receiving a B. Carson enrolled in the School of Medicine at the University of Michigan, choosing to become a neurosurgeon.

In , he married Lacena "Candy" Rustin, whom he met at Yale. Carson earned his medical degree, and the young couple moved to Baltimore, Maryland, where he became an intern at Johns Hopkins University in His excellent eye-hand coordination and three-dimensional reasoning skills made him a superior surgeon early on. By , he was chief resident in neurosurgery at Hopkins.

In , Carson received an important invitation. Resistant at first to move so far away from home, he eventually accepted the offer. It proved to be an important one. Australia at the time was lacking doctors with highly sophisticated training in neurosurgery. Carson gained several years worth of experience in the year he was at Gairdner Hospital and honed his skills tremendously. Carson returned to Johns Hopkins in and, by , he became director of pediatric neurosurgery at the age of 33, at the time, the youngest U. In , Carson attracted international attention by performing a surgery to separate 7-month-old occipital craniopagus twins in Germany.

Patrick and Benjamin Binder were born joined at the head.

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Their parents contacted Carson, who went to Germany to consult with the family and the boys' doctors. Because the boys were joined at the back of the head, and because they had separate brains, he felt the operation could be performed successfully. On September 4, , after months of rehearsals, Carson and a huge team of doctors, nurses and support staff joined forces for what would be a hour procedure.

Part of the challenge in radical neurosurgery is to prevent severe bleeding and trauma to the patients. In the highly complex operation, Carson had applied both hypothermic and circulatory arrest. Although the twins did suffer some brain damage and post-operation bleeding, both survived the separation, allowing Carson's surgery to be considered by the medical establishment the first successful procedure of its kind. In , Carson and his team went to South Africa to separate the Makwaeba twins.

The operation was unsuccessful, as both girls died from complications of the surgery. Carson was devastated, but vowed to press on, as he knew such procedures could be successful. This operation was especially difficult because the boys were joined at the tops of their heads, facing in opposite directions, making it the first time a surgery of this type had been performed. After a hour operation, that was supported by previously rendered 3-D mapping, both boys survived and neither suffered brain damage.

Over time, Ben Carson's operations began to gain media attention. At first, what people saw was the soft-spoken surgeon explaining complicated procedures in simple terms. But in time, Carson's own story became public—a troubled youth growing up in the inner city to a poor family eventually finding success. Soon, Carson began traveling to schools, businesses and hospitals across the country telling his story and imparting his philosophy of life.

Out of this dedication to education and helping young people, Carson and his wife founded the Carson Scholars Fund in The foundation grants scholarships to students and promotes reading in the younger grades. In , Ben Carson faced what was perhaps his biggest challenge: separating adult conjoined twins.

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Ladan and Laleh Bijani were Iranian women who were joined at the head. For 29 years, they had literally lived together in every conceivable way. Like normal twins, they shared experiences and outlooks, including earning law degrees, but as they got older and developed their own individual aspirations, they knew they could never lead independent lives unless they separated.

As they told Carson at one point, "We would rather die than spend another day together. This type of medical procedure had never been attempted on conjoined adults because of the dangerous outcomes. By this time, Carson had been conducting brain surgery for nearly 20 years and had performed several craniopagus separations. He later stated he tried to talk the two women out of the surgery, but after many discussions with them and consultations with many other doctors and surgeons, he agreed to proceed. Carson and a team of more than surgeons, specialists and assistants traveled to Singapore in Southeast Asia.

On July 6, , Carson and his team began the nearly hour operation. They again relied on a 3-D imaging technique that Carson had utilized to prepare for the Banda twins' operation. The computerized images allowed the medical team to conduct a virtual surgery before the operation. During the procedure, they followed digital reconstructions of the twins' brains.

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The surgery revealed more difficulties outside of the girls' ages; their brains not only shared a major vein but had fused together. The separation was completed during the afternoon on July 8. But it was soon apparent that the girls were in deep critical condition. At p. Her sister Laleh died a short time later. The loss was devastating to all, especially Carson, who stated that the the girls' bravery to pursue the operation had contributed to neurosurgery in ways that would live far beyond them.

Because of his unflagging dedication to children and his many medical breakthroughs, Carson has received a legion of honorary doctorate degrees and accolades, and has sat on the boards of numerous business and education boards. In , Carson was forced to cut back on his breakneck pace after developing prostate cancer.

He took an active role in his own case, reviewing X-rays and consulting with the team of surgeons who operated on him. Carson fully recovered from the operation cancer-free. The brush with death caused him to adjust his life to spend more time with his wife and their three children, Murray, Benjamin Jr.

After his recovery, Carson still kept a busy schedule, conducting operations and speaking to various groups around the country. He has also written several books, including the popular autobiography Gifted Hands In February , President George W. And in , actor Cuba Gooding Jr. As Carson focused more on politics than on medicine, he became known as an outspoken conservative Republican. He criticized President Barack Obama for his positions on taxation and healthcare. The following month he announced that he was officially retiring from his career as a surgeon.

To really get a grip on how she operates it will help to talk a little bit about the Lilith archetype. Here in duality, together, the two of them held space for the divine.

Some notes about this birth chart calculator:

Over time the ancient texts got altered and the Bible got rewritten. The Old Testament stories were heavily edited at the Council of Nicaea about years after Christ died. During the first rewrite, the bishops decided to replace Lilith with a gal named Eve. In astrology the Lilith archetype has many different faces.

The fact that she wound up going from the feminine face of God to playing second fiddle to Eve, endows her with traits of rejection, rivalry, jealousy, and competition. When the Nicaean bishops turned her into a promiscuous, lust-filled bitch, Lilith became the biblical bad girl. While Eve seduced Adam with the apple and may very well have had her faults, she was Little Bo-Peep compared to Lilith.

In a horoscope, whether it be natal, transiting, or progressed, regardless of whether we are talking to a male or a female, a strongly accented Lilith produces themes that color the experience of the individual with themes of rejection, rivalry, jealousy, competition, and all forms of third-party interference. Let me give you just one example. I did a reading for a woman whose Lilith aspects made it clear that her parents were involved in a triangular situation of some kind.

I could see that she had been raised in the middle of a lot of third party complications. Her transits and progressions showed that she was involved in a love affair. Being married with 3 kids, her questions revolved around what to do about this triangle. Her marriage, and her need to maintain that commitment was rooted in the need to not turn into her parents, and to create a familial scene that would shield her kids from what for her was the stigma of being a bastard, from a broken home.

Conjunct the Ascendant she causes the native to feel rejected as a total person — from birth. The Midheaven is the career point and when Lilith is conjunct that point, it means that the person is extremely competitive in the career area. There are times when it implies that as a child the native played the Lilith role with their parents.

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Lilith in hard aspect to the asteroid Apollo says that the individual repeatedly finds themselves in situations where they are bound to be rejected. If that had been the case perhaps we would never have forgotten that both the male and the female are equal, and that each polarity has its place, or its part to play in the creation of Unity and Oneness.

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For some reason everyone wants a piece of you, and people are coming around, promising you the Moon. Things like this are intoxicating. The tendency to over-inflation is easier to monitor when you go back to square-one and remember who you were before all of this took off.