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Ed - Bachelor Education B. Pharm - Bachelor Pharmacy B. Sc Agriculture - Bachelor Agriculture B. Sc Aviation - Bachelor Aviation B. Sc Medicine - Bachelor Medical B. Ed - Masters Education M. Com - Masters Commerce M. Ch - Masters Medical M. Phil in Agriculture - Masters Agriculture M. Planning - Masters Architecture M. Sc Agriculture - Masters Agriculture M. Sc Aviation - Masters Aviation M. Sc Medicine - Masters Medical M. Pharm - Masters Pharmacy M.

Des - Masters Design M. D in Management - Doctorate Management M. D in Law - Doctorate Law M. D in Medicine - Doctorate Medical M. D in Paramedical - Doctorate Paramedical M. D in Pharmacy - Doctorate Pharmacy M. D in Engineering - Doctorate Engineering Ph.

D in Education - Doctorate Education M. D in Agriculture - Doctorate Agriculture M. D in Architecture - Doctorate Architecture M.

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D in Arts - Doctorate Arts M. D in Commerce - Doctorate Commerce M. Couzens The stories of the months and days. Partrige Fortunate Hours. Sewell The siddhantas and the Indian calendar. The principles of astrology. Frankland Astrological Investigations.

Serviss Round the year with the stars. Hicks The Aquarian age astronomy and astrology. Thompson The mystery and romance of astrology. Owen The Primaiy Progressed Horoscope. Rele The Mysterious Kundalini.

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Smart Text-book on spherical astronomy. Mukerji Ancient Indian fasts and feasts. Washington Carey. Anrias Adepts of the five Elements. M Planetary Effects on Stock Markets. Colville significance ofbirthdays.

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Thompson Elements Of Spherical Trigonometry. Leighton Solid Geometiy and spherical trigonometry. Pearl Popular gemology. Drower The Book of the Zodiac.

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DavidsonThe technique of pre Arabic astronomical and astrological sciences Fr. Latin trans. Alexandre Volguine. KhannaSpherical Astronomy. Davison, Astrology.

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Cohen Astrology and your destiny houses for any ascendant. Majumdar History Of Ancient Bengal. Aylesworth Astrology a Meyer The astrology of cha Raymond Capt The gloiy of the stars. Dodson Rising signs. Pingree Jyotihsastra Astral and mathematical literature. Hall Planetary Influence and the Human Soul. Field Kepler's Geometrical Cosmology. Munkasey Midpoints Unleashing the Power of the planets.

Martin Astrocycles how to make the major planetary cycles work for you. SchweighauserAstronomy fr Davis Understanding children through astrology. Lewis The astrology encyclopedia.

Westenholz Mesopotamian astrology. Baker Medical astrology. Gibson Signs of mental illness using parallels. Pingree Astral sciences in Mesopotamia. Hewitt Astrology for beginners. T Ford Zodiac Manager choosing the right people.

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Mann Astrology and the Art ofHealing. Henning Hai Lee Yang Chinese astrology. Crane Pratical Guide to Hellenistic Astrology. Bridge The heavens declare Zodiac and Bible. Stowe Stowes Bible Astrology. Dykes The Search of the Heart. Warren Recreations in Astronomy. Dykes lntroductions to Traditional Astrology.